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November 8, 2018: Brian Beaudoin


Brian Beaudoin – Headliner
Kendra Cunningham – Feature
Eryca Nolan – Guest Spot
Rob Pierce – Opener
Hosted by Jess Miller


Coming from small Rhode Island, Brian Beaudoin is probably the only comedian who is bigger than his State. Brian has developed the ability to read and work with a crowd like few comics can, from ages 8 to 80 from clean sets to dirty. Brian will leave any audience wanting more. Brian uses loved ones and life observations as fuel for his comedic fire. (From store greeters, to his family, to Himself, nobody is safe) Brian is a joke telling tornado, who has been known to keep everybody in the building on their toes and in stitches for a non-stop, wild night of hysterics that will never be duplicated. Brian Beaudoin has been praised on the Comedy Circuit as “the next big thing” and they don’t just mean this is reference to his size.

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