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Prior to winning the Ladies Room Comedy Festival in New York City, the only contest Jess won was a karaoke contest against a 9 year-old in which she had to sing “My Life Will Go on.”  While Jess considers herself a relatively humble person and a good sport, she admits it was challenging not to gloat, but managed to hold in her jubilation until she reached her car in the mall parking lot… When you see Jess, expect to hear stories like this in joke form.

There was also that time she was in a traumatic canoe accident with her wife, but you’ll have to come to a show to hear that story!

Jess is so hysterical, you may just pee your pants!
(Consider yourself warned…)

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CAUTION: Some shows may contain nuts! New Shows at the Hartford Funnybone!

Comedian Jess Miller
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Jess Miller on Weight Loss

Jess Miller on weight loss… don’t get her started…

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