FunnyRaising Comedy Shows

[chm_pullouttext color=”pullouttextcolor1″ el_class=”pullouttext”]When you have a serious need to fundraise for a worthwhile cause, FunnyRaising Comedy Shows are just the ticket![/chm_pullouttext]

We’ve been producing benefit shows all over Western Mass and beyond for years. We’ve raised a lot of spirits and over a quarter of a million dollars!

Among the shows we’ve done are (net donations)…

    • Laughs for Landen $22,300
    • Private Fundraiser: $19,000
    • Friends of the Springfield Vet Center: $8,000
    • Lion’s Den Athletic Association: $6,000
    • Food Bank of Western Mass: $2500
    • Westfield High School Band: Over $8,000 (two shows)
    • Private Fundraiser: $1,700
    • Red Thread Network: $12,000
    • Kid’s Net Program: $7500
    • Ronald McDonald House: $4500
    • Springfield Public Schools Field Day: $3,000
    • Holyoke Police Relief Association: $10,000 (2 shows)
    • Winter Sports Clinic for Disable Veterans: $7500 (two shows)
    • 24 hour LIVE Facebook Fundraiser for the Victims of Orlando with Ashley Kohl and a cast of thousands $3,000 raised 
    • and many more…
[chm_pullouttext color=”pullouttextcolor1″ el_class=”pullouttext”]Get in touch with me today to let me about your cause. I’ll keep your inquiry confidential and get back to you within 24 hours.[/chm_pullouttext]